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Tyler continues to be the Director of Rock Lake Ministries since the spring of 2016.  During his time here, God has placed it on his heart a passion for equipping the body and challenging the rigidness of religion, to remove from the body the heart of “what’s in it for me” and replace it with “how can I help.”  Faith, Integrity and Kingdom are his passions along with a deep desire to see true Spiritual diversity among the family of God, walking in oneness of mind.  He encourages everyone to share and grow together, as everyone has a valuable role to play and word to add to the conversation since we are all sons and daughters of the King of Kings.  He is always excited to share his intimate walk with Papa God.  Tyler has a background in business, managing people and process.  He is strong in process and innovation, conflict resolution and prevention as well he has a fired up willing heart for God and His people.

Kingdom Sermon - Tyler Amell
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Board of Directors

Zach Hildebrand
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Brad Bell
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Marvin Giesbrecht
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Femi Ogunrinde
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Other Parts of the Team

Duane Siemens
Apostolic Covering

Shirley Hildebrand
Apostolic Covering

Connie Sawatsky
Governance Officer


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