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What is Reboot?

Reboot is a transitional program for believers who are looking to seek the Lord on direction for their life and are over 18 years old.  It is our goal to help individuals, who are lonely or at a crossroads in their life, get established and connected into their walk with God as well as a faith community where they live.  RLM desires to bless, support, and minister to believers who need to figure out the next steps in their life.  Because everyone deserves a chance to re-align and reconnect.

1 Year Program

  • Class phase – September to November

  •  Home/Outreach – December 

  • Class phase – January to April

  •  Volunteer/work/outreach phase – May to August

Program Cost
Sponsorship available reducing the cost to $1000 for the year
Payable $500 before each class phase.

All accommodations and meals are covered in the above pricing in faith.

Intake days

September 2023
October 2023
January 2024
February 2024

Intake is based on availability of space
Intended to be taken as a full year

What can students expect:

Students can expect to find rest for their soul as they gather together with other believers for a dedicated set apart time in their lives in a safe, no condemnation space where grace and mercy is freely administered as the Father’s heart of love is unveiled to them, affording them the opportunity to learn and grow while discovering the custom designed plan Abba Father has already tailor-made for them, since time began.  They can expect God’s plan for them to unfold right before their very eyes.  They can expect to live by faith, believing for provision, direction, healing and hope.

What will be expected of students:

We expect students to come with a teachable spirit, a willingness to open their heart to the Truth in God’s word and a mind that will commit to learning and self-discipline.  We expect students to receive, receive, receive God’s goodness for them.  We expect students to abide by all RLM and Reboot rules and code of conducts and to honor the established authority at RLM.  

  Leave with  peace  provision  protection

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