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Financial Support

You can donate with this direct link: 


(and within minutes you will be emailed a charitable tax receipt) 

You can also partner with us throughout the year with monthly giving:



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Designated giving to approved funding programs:
If the designated project for which the gifts have been received has been fully funded, cannot be completed, or has been declared closed, the Board of Rock Lake Ministries reserves the right to redirect such funds to other ministries or projects of Rock Lake Ministries.



Please contact for more information and areas we need help with.  Thank you for your support. Read below to discover a few of our summer camp, events and retreat opportunities.

  -Cook & Cook's Assistant

  -House Keeper & House Keeper Assistant

  -Dishwasher & Dishwasher Assistant

  -Children's Ministry Leader & Helper

  -Sound Technician

  -Worship Team 



Donate Goods

Donations of the following items would be appreciated. Items need to be clean and in good working order. Please call before donating.

For the kitchen;

-Fruits and vegetables

-Canned or dry goods sealed in original  


Pressure treated lumber for 4-plex deck


New building materials for winterized cabins

New building materials for various projects

Speakers for Papa's House

New portable lapel mic for speakers

New projector for the classroom

Outdoor Summer activity sets 


100 new stackable conference style chairs in black

Picnic tables
Park benches

New mattress protectors. Single, double, queen  

6 or 8 piece sets of durable dishes  

Pots, pans, kitchen utensils & cutlery sets 

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