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So I was reading "The Rest of God" by Mark Buchanan and was rocked by the teaching.

He details the Deuteronomy account of keeping Sabbath. I want to share what spoke to me personally.

Mark essentially shares that by not keeping the Sabbath, I have been accepting slavery. God mandates Sabbath in Deuteronomy, not for laws sake, but because the Israelites of the time, had just come from bondage. In slavery, there is no rest. The task master dictates what the day will be, and you can bet that it will be, work, work and well, more work.

In the last few years I have many times shared that I feel like a slave to time. I have a glimpse now of why.

Why do I want to work daily as a mandate, feeling guilty about rest, as there is much to be done. Like God somehow wants me to never rest. Like He is some sort of task master cracking the whip every time I take a break. Somehow that doesn't scream "loving Father" who wants to do life with me.

I had never heard it that way before, to keep the Sabbath in remembrance and acceptance of relationship over slavery. It has definitely had an immediate impact on my mind, and life.

May rest come to you as well, full of grace and freedom.

Tyler Amell

Director of Operations

Rock Lake Ministries INC.

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